Microsoft Office is the most widely used Office Productivity suite having a number of desktop applications (like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access), web services (like Office Lens & Office Remote), server application (like Microsoft SharePoint and Skype for Business Server) and mobile applications (like Outlook.com and Delve). All these integrated applications are made available in various versions such as Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 365, and many more versions, each having a special feature that makes it an improved version that previously available.

All the versions of the Office Setup have number of amazing features like supports the devices running on variant platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows, Password Protection, and many more. For getting any of the Office Setup to the device and to enjoy its functionality, the users need to visit the link as: Office.com/setup.

What is Office.com/setup?

Office.com/Setup refers to the link that allows the users to download the purchased subscription (via online or offline method) of the Office Setup to their device, easily. Here, the users need to login to their Office Account using its credentials and then, install the desired Office Setup using the corresponding Office Product key.

How to Download the Office Setup using Office.com/Setup?

Follow the steps detailed below for downloading the Office Setup using the link as: Office com Setup, easily:

  1. Make an access to the link as Office.com/setup using the web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers to the device.
  2. Here, sign in to the Office Account. To do so, enter the credentials like users name and password associated with the Office Account.
  3. Once successfully signed in to the Office Account, move to the product page of the Microsoft Office and search for the desired Office Setup that the users want to download to the device.
  4. On getting the desired Office Setup, click the “Buy Now and Download” button displayed in front of the name of the Office Setup.
  5. But before that, go through the description of the Office Setup to ensure the compatibility of the Office Setup to the installed version of the Operating System to the device.
  6. On getting ensured regarding the compatibility of the Office Setup, click the “Download” button and further proceed with the payment process using any of the modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, and other.
  7. Once the payment process gets successfully completed, an email consisting of the link to download the Office Setup to the device will be received to the email address registered by the users while purchasing the subscription of the Office Setup.
  8. Click the link within the email or copy it to the URL bar of the web browser to further precede the download process.
  9. By default, the Office Setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the device. Unless the location has been changed by the users when prompted.

How to install the Office Setup?

Below are the steps that will guide the users’ path to install the Office Setup to their device, easily:

  1. Go to the location within the device storage where the Office Setup has been downloaded by the users.
  2. Now, select the Office Setup file by double-clicking on it.
  3. And then, tap the “YES” button, when prompted.
  4. Thus, the Office Setup installation process will get initiated on the device.
  5. Please Note: In some Office Setup versions the users need to enter the Office Product Key for initializing the Office installation process. Thus, enter the “Office Product Key” within the space provided to the users, if required.
  6. Wait until the software gets successfully installed on the device. The Office Install process will take a few minutes to get completed.
  7. On completing the installation process, the users need to activate the Office Setup for utilizing the services included in the installed Office product.

How to Activate the Office Setup using Valid Office Product Key?

Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the Office Setup on the device, easily:

  1. Launch any of the application involved within the Office Setup installed to the device.
  2. On launching the application for the first time, the users will see a window asking them to activate the Office Setup to the device.
  3. Here, click the “Activate” button. Thus, an activation wizard will be prompted on the device.
  4. From this activation wizard, choose the “I want to activate the software over the internet” option.
  5. After this, enter the “Office Product Key” within the space provided to the users, followed by clicking the “Activate Now” button.

(Important Note: For getting the steps to redeem the Office Product Key, refer the “Support” section of the link: Office.com/setup. Or the users may also get the help by calling the Office Customer Support toll-free number.)

  1. Hence, the Office Setup gets successfully activated using the valid 25-character key i.e. Office Product Key.